2021 Vendor Application

Our 2021 Vendor Application can be found by CLICKING HERE

Please apply for the 2021 market season and double check your dates at registration we cannot guarantee stall availability or location if you have to make changes throughout the season.

CLICK HERE to view the 2021 Market Rules

The 2021 Stall Diagram will be updated as we access vendor applications and spacing for social distancing. Example can be found HERE


Youth Vending

The 2021 Youth Vending Application can be found by CLICKING HERE

The Youth Vending Rules can be found HERE

UPDATED Links For Vendors in the 2021 FM Season

Safe Produce: Curbside pick and Best practice for Farmers Markets

Requirements and best practices

Curbside Market Vender Registration

Curbside Market Training

All vendors are responsible for meeting local or state regulations and obtaining appropriate licensure and permits where applicable. Please read best practices for Farmers Markets as well as information about Curbside pickup practices.

Farmers Market Requirements From Inspections & Appeals Food & Consumer Safety Bureau

Iowa Sales Tax & Use Guide

Farmers Market Food Safety Training

Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Iowa Farmers Market Association

Cerro Gordo County Public Health – Licenses and Permits

Minnesota Design Studio

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