Clear Lake, Iowa Farmers Market

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2019 Market Season

The 2019 market season will kick off on May 18th!  Interested in becoming a vendor?  CLICK HERE for all the details!

Youth Vending

The Clear Lake Farmers Market wants to support budding young entrepreneurs! Young people, up to 18 years of age, will be given the opportunity to sell handcrafts and homegrown produce. In offering local youth this opportunity, we hope to introduce them to various skills, including marketing, decision-making, record-keeping/monetary skills, interpersonal skills and building their knowledge of the farmers market and local food community.  More information on our Youth Vending Program can be found HERE!


We are so grateful for the outpouring of community support the farmers market has received. Because of the generosity of our music and event sponsors, we have been able to make the Clear Lake Farmers Market a fun place to be with music, education and children’s activities.

“So fortunate to have this in our small town! Love local foods!”

Mary Hopper

Caprese Salad

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Storm Damage

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Eating Local

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2 weeks ago

Clear Lake Farmers Market

The farmers markets are done but doesn't mean the work is done and still much to do before the white stuff is upon us. Now that most of the plants have succumbed to the frost it is time clean up and get it ready for next spring.

I was thinking about this the other day after doing landscaping for 14 years I did get used to having mostly billable hours as in I go work on someones yard I get paid for that time (still had office work didn't get paid for). Now as a farmer you really don't have guaranteed pay with mostly unbillable hours. Working on many tasks that don't result in direct pay. We farmers work many months in the spring before the first sale and much work in the fall after the plants are done. Starting in late Feb/early March the seeds are started, then planted out in the field when the weather is warm enough and if the crop has survived and doing good we can bring it to market and hopefully be able to sell it (We have some great customers so am confident some will sell) but bad weather on market days really can affect sales. So much uncertainty in this line of business.

This isn't meant to be a rant or complaining rather wanted to share a reality that us farmers have to live with as our career choice. There is so many great things about farming but would also like to show all sides of it. We have some crop failures, the not so glamorous work or very long hours. It gives me great enjoyment when we get to see so many people excited and appreciative for the produce we grow for the market and understand the difference between locally grown/fresh produce and produce shipped in from thousands of miles. This is what keeps us going week after long week. I can't say it enough how thankful we are for our customers.
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Clear Lake Farmer Market
Market Days

The Clear Lake Farmers Market will be held Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m. to Noon from Memorial weekend through the third Saturday in October at the legendary Surf Ballroom and Museum.

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