Weekly Activities At Market

By Jessi Myers

Each week the Clear Lake Farmers Market
offers a kid’s activity for families to enjoy together. The activities are
designed to be a fun diversion while also promoting the same interests and
skills that are common to Farmers Market vendors. While the primary goal
of offering kid’s activities is entertainment, a secondary benefit may be
inspiring future creatives and producers.

Innovation, hands-on
creativity, imagination, design, and execution are all steps to creating a
successful product for Farmers Market.
From planning the layout of a
garden, to building fences around a pasture, deciding on complementary
flavors to combine in a jam, or adjusting a recipe to perfect a new bread,
every vendor that sells at market has used skills developed through trial
and error and determination. Our hope is by offering the opportunity to
make chemical reaction boats, build a house for bees, design a corn
mosaic, plant a seed, or make a healthy snack we will light a spark of

This season a new offering will be available at least
once a month at the kid’s activity booth. MAKE at Market is our new mobile
makerspace. Makerspaces are popping up at schools and public libraries
across the country. Each space is unique in content and design.
at Market focuses on using building materials, crafting supplies, and
recycled materials for creative exploration. Kids have an opportunity to
combine the use of tools such as hammers and screwdrivers with fabric
scraps, art supplies, old magazines, maps and so much more to create
whatever they can imagine. As an ongoing fundraiser for the Clear Lake
Farmers Market, MAKE will also be available for event and birthday party

This project was made possible by the generous
financial support of the Noon Lions and CL Tel. We are so appreciative of
their support. We have also received extensive donations of recycled
materials and art supplies from many individuals in the community. Thank
you to all that have donated.

f you are interested in more
information about rental availability and pricing or donating supplies
please contact clfarmersmarket@gmail.com

We look forward to a
fantastic season of kid’s activities at the Clear Lake Farmers Market. We
hope your family will join us.

The Clear Lake Farmers Market is
held from 9 a.m. to noon every Saturday morning through
Oct.19. For more information, visitwww.clearlakefarmersmarket.com,
and follow the Market on Facebook and Instagram for the most up
to date information and special events.


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