Learning Opportunities

The Clear Lake Farmers market offers more than just fresh products and handmade crafts. It is also an opportunity to connect with your kids and provide a variety of opportunities for learning and fun. Each week the market offers a Kid’s Activity table or area. The activities throughout the season will be focused on four main themes, Crafts, STEAM, Physical Activity, and Nature.

Bring the kids out on June 9th, for an activity that will leave an impression. The Farmers Market Kid’s Activity table will be hosting “Crazy Things to Eat.” This activity will include a demonstration and tasting of treats made with bugs, a chance to sample edible flowers, and an introduction to things commonly eaten around the world, that may surprise you. The volunteers for the event will be from Central Gardens.

Future activities include Kids Yoga, learning about bees, DIY instruments from recyclables, hooping demonstrations and activities, a mobile maker space to challenge your child’s imagination and creativity, and a dissection experience of electronics and toys that will allow kids to see what familiar items look like on the inside. Each activity will be designed to appeal to a variety of age groups and parental participation is also encouraged.

There are many benefits to making the farmers market a family activity.

  1. Children get an opportunity to be subjected to “real” food and see the difference between items that are whole and processed.
  2. The connection to the source of food grows beyond the grocery store when kids are exposed to farmers and producers at the point of sale.
  3. The variety at the farmers market is always changing. Kids can be introduced to new items and there is always a vendor present to answer questions and give information.
  4. Live music, kid’s activities, and learning about money and making purchases are memorable bonding experiences for families.
  5. Helping families feel connected and engaged with their community.

To see upcoming Clear Lake Farmers Market activities please visit www.clearlakefarmersmarket.com. If your group would be interested in volunteering at the Kid’s Activity Table please contact Jessi Myers at jessi.myers521@gmail.com.



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