Navigating the Market for Newbie

If you’re new to the Farmers Market it may seem foreign or overwhelming at first. What’s makes an “heirloom tomato” so special? Why should you buy “pasture-raised, heritage breed” pork? What makes bread “artisan”? And Duck Eggs??? REALLY????

BUT, if you just stop by a time or two you’ll soon start to feellike part of the family. The Live music is back on this year and itgives the market a fun, festive atmosphere.  It really doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know… the vendors are all amazing at explaining what makes their local products special and they will be more than willing to share their passion about growing, raising, or creating their items! They are happy to answer ANY and ALL questions and if you take the time to talk to them you might be amazed at what Saturday night dinners can turn into!

Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for it’s worth the time to stop in on Saturday mornings to experience the funatmosphere and the other activities.  In addition to the live music there will be Youth Venders (young entrepreneurs trying their hand at selling their creations), hands on children’s activities, taste testing opportunities – from time to time, and other special events. It’s so much fun to meet a friend at the market, grab a coffee or lemonade, and browse the items that are being showcased by the small businesses in our community. You might even run into a long lost friend or find yourself in a deep conversation about the most delicious vegetables you’ve ever experienced. 

Even though the market season is just getting going this year, don’t wait too long to stop by.  The “seasons” changes quickly in North Iowa and just as the asparagus and rhubarb will only be around for a few short weeks, soon we’ll be into green beans  and tomatoes, and then onto squash and potatoes. Experience all these changes and by putting a Reminder on Your Calendar to head down to the Surf Ballroom every Saturday, from 9-noon. SEE YOU AT THE MARKET!


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