To All The Newbies

To All The Newbies
By James Eilders, Clear Lake Farmers Market Board Member
As a first year board member, and a city boy I was a little worried to come to market. I knew that the people at market spoke a different language. Words like microgreens, artisan, and heirloom are foreign to me. I was afraid that I would be in over my head and everyone would know I don’t belong.

Now that we are a couple of months in I realize all of my fears were unfounded. First it doesn’t matter what you don’t know. The vendors are all happy to explain their products to you. The knowledge that each of the vendors have is amazing. Ask questions, tap into their knowledge and you will be amazed what Saturday night dinner turns into.
Secondly, even if you’re not looking to buy anything the camaraderie at the market is so much fun. You will always see groups of people stopping to chat about the juicy tomatoes they got last week or the phenomenal salad they made with the greens mix like they were long lost friends.
My two daughters even got into the mix already and set a booth for the children’s day last month. Let me thank everyone that stopped to
talk to them, make them do math to figure the price and change needed, or just say how great it was to see young ones at the market.
If you haven’t been to market yet this year I have one word for you –  “why?” I promise you will find something that will make you want to come back week after week. And if you don’t, come find me, I’ll be the one asking the difference between a hoop building and a traditional greenhouse.




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