Powe of Produce Club

POP kids club is a FREE weekly activity called Power of Produce and encourages young children to try fruits and veggies.

We know engaging kids is a difficult feat and picky eaters are hard to appease. We also know that curious minds and an appetite for the unknown are simply tools for harnessing children into healthy,
young consumers!

The Power of Produce (POP) Club looks to transform your kids into market participants with educational activities, demonstrations, interactions with their local food growers, and challenges to try fresh market produce. Take for instance, the “Two Bite Club”—a challenge to taste new fruits or veggies, or give familiar ones a second chance.

By participating in POP Club activities like the “Two Bite Club”, each kid will earn a POP Bucks voucher. Children are awarded for their efforts and may select fresh fruits and veggies for the voucher amount at approved vendors.

POP club participation is a win-win for parents and children alike. Parents, witness your kids’ light bulb moments as they interact with activities, food, and practices that champion a healthy lifestyle. Kids will learn while having fun, with the added bonus of becoming active market members. Empowered by the bucks, they are sure to shop and strut as they peruse the market for their edible take-home treasures. Free and fun for all- the POP Club tent is where you and your little ones will want to stop before you shop, every market day.


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